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It’s a beautiful day today here in Amarillo, Texas.  I’m looking forward to a productive day of job searching and praising the LORD. I pray that everyone of my WordPress friends and family have an exciting new day and find many blessings. I would like to invite you to a wonderful series on Prophecy featuring one the pastors on 3ABN which is my favorite channel of course it’s in the  Proclaim series although I am sure others may have different preferences as to who their favorite pastors are on this annointed channel of featuring the very best of God’s Holy Word.  May the light of Jesus Christ always lead and guide you.


My Testimony in Favor of Why I Love Jesus and No Other

This is my testimony for Jesus Christ, my everlasting and merciful Saviour, the most Holy Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the earth. Amen.

I will tell yo right now, that if I did not Have Jesus in my life… I would most likely be dead. Jesus Christ has always been there for me, His Most Holy Spirit has protected me through the worst of storms, the deadliest of encounters and the most ignorant choices I have ever made. Fortunately, I gave my life the Jesus when I was very, very, young. I was only 6 yo and I was so traumatized by my father’s death and the fact that the world was nothing like the home I had been raised in, that I was lost. All Praise be to God the Father, I had enough religious background and good moral upbringing to allow me to understand that I needed to pray for direction. Even at that young age, I knew something was wrong and I could not fix it by myself. Do not try to tell me 6 yo don’t know anything because I am here to tell you that yes, they do, so stop talking to them like they are morons and start telling them the truth about things.

I am so sick and tired of seeing parents act like their children are stupid and treating them like they cannot understand things like: “If you run into the street without looking you may get hit by a car, and if you get hit by a car you may die, or worse you may be crippled for life. So please do not run into the street or do anything that may possibly harm you in such a manner. I love you and want you to be healthy and happy your entire life. So, if you don’t know if something can hurt you badly you can always come to me and ask. OK? It doesn’t matter what it is. OK? Don’t be afraid to ask me anything. I will always love you. ”

How hard is that?

Most parents yell at their kids, call them stupid for not knowing something and then wonder why their kids end up being arrested or worse. Too bad we don’t have parenting police. Parents are the ones who ruin their children. First, then it’s the instructors in the school system they attend. Bad teachers are responsible for a lot of rebellion and bad grades. We need to start looking I to both sides of the coin. If a child is a problem, I can guarantee you that there is a suspicious adult involved. If you do not have time for raising a child, you need to make sure you don’t have any. There’s a very natural thing called the ‘Rhythm Method’ that works beautifully, just add a couple of days of abstinence to both ends of the spectrum and you will never get pregnant. I know, I only had one child after I was ignorant and full of rebellion at the age of 15. I didn’t want a kid, I didn’t know you could get pregnant from having sex 1 time. I knew I had gotten pregnant, I felt the little pin prick of that sperm piercing that egg. I don’t know how any woman in this world can say she didn’t know she was pregnant and by whom. I knew. The exact moment it happened, so women, quit with the ignorance and lies. If a man does not ask you to be his wife, stop trying to trap the poor guy with pregnancy lies. I hate it when women do ignorant wicked stuff like that, there’s a lot of otherwise good men out there being turned against women because of your stupid immature ones. Grow up and get a life first. Then worry about getting married and having children and busting a guy’s testicles. Believe me, men who have good parents don’t need instructions on how to be upright. Just know this, God is watching every single thought that goes through those stupid heads of yours. Amen.

Back to Jesus.

As I said, my testimony starts when I was 6 yo. Yep, that’s right. After I had been dragged kicking and screaming into first grade only 1 month after my father died at my feet, so traumatized by knowing he was gone forever, I was thrust into first grade in parochial school. Now this is a place where all the older kids love to tell horror stories about the paddle machine mother superior kept in the office especially for kids who did ‘bad’ things in class. Well, we had church every morning before e class and this one time, I won’t mention her name, she knows who she is, peed in the pew because she was too afraid to tell Sister Mary Vincent she needed to go to the bathroom. Believe me I understand her fear. Nuns can be ferocious if they think you are just trying to get out of something. LOL. I have a great story on that. Anyway, little miss rich kid did it. I hated rich people for most of my youth after that because of this incident. Anyway, everyone in that pew were later dragged out and lined in the hallway to face the accuser. She was angry, after all it was the house of God and someone peed on the floor and it had to be cleaned up by someone. I never knew who. Maybe it was our teacher. LOL. There are strange workings inside the halls of the Catholic Church.

Well, no one would admit being the perp so, there I was, little ragamuffin in hand me downs, stringy hair and living on charity. Well, the nun looked at me direct and told me, “I know you did it. Look at you too poor to even have any supervision or morals. You are lying Debra Kay Gerik.” Oh…… I got mad then. You are calling me a liar I thought. I am more honest and better than you will ever be. That did it. At once I chose never to listen to a stupid immoral and ignorant adult who obviously was prejudiced about the fact that now that my father died we were extremely poor. I must admit I was consumed with hatred at that very moment. Do you see how the devil uses anything and anybody to set young people on the path of destruction? I used to look down on all the poor fools who were too ignorant to know the difference between right and wrong. After all I had a very good teacher. His name was Jesus.

Of course, tings then proceeded to deteriorate, and I became very depressed at finding out how horrible people treated each other. I had never been treated horrible in my life nor knew that people hit their kids, yelled at them, or called them stupid before I had to go to school. I had a very idyllic first 6 years of life, no one bothered me, I got to explore the world at my own pace and I even had some very regal imaginary friends. LOL. I used to have tea quite regularly with Queen Elizabeth and Princess Ann. Oh haw we talked about young prince Charles. Then there was a very special friend I had. He would walk with me and we would talk about life and all kinds of things, I just never could remember His Name until I was much older and really came to know Him, His Name was Jesus.

One day in church, I shut my eyes and started praying, and I asked Him, “Who am I?” I heard this very quiet voice say, “Say your name.” So, I said my name inside my prayers and I saw this gigantic flaming cross surrounded by the deepest black you can imagine. It was pretty scary, but I understood that Jesus would always be my light in the darkness. Then He asked if I understood and could I accept that kind of life. I told Him that yes, I believed I could. That was the start of my walk with Jesus. I just regret that the Catholic Church only had Catechism and did not actually get anyone to study the scriptures. It’s taken me until now at the age of 65 to say I really know what Jesus Christ did for us when He died upon the Cross and what it is that He came to teach us.

Sometimes I feel as though He is right beside me and when I feel His Spirit He is so pure that it’s a form of ecstasy which I cannot describe. He just radiates this warmth all around me and I can feel Him like He is standing right there. I can touch Him, Hold Him, I’ve even danced with Him when I was feeling so despondent I thought I night just die from grief and misery. He has taken my hands and twirled me like a lover in a Tango. I cannot describe the way He can make me feel. And all I must do is acknowledge His Holy Presence and He IS There. Of course, no one believes me. I mean look at who I used to be. I was hopeless drug addict selling my body to support my habit. I used to sell all my food to buy crack them I would be starving to death and He would cause someone to drop food right in front of my house, or some neighbor would show up with something to eat. I was so blessed, yet no one believed me. But He wanted me free of that oppression. He wanted me free to be the person He made me and that is a kind, loving, upright human being who showed their love to the world. I don’t claim to be a great prophet or teacher, but I do know Christ, and I do know His Heavenly Father and I do know His Holy Spirit.

I am not perfect! Nor will I ever be until that day when He returns with a Glorious sound of shouting and trumpets. I can’t wait. Its all I live for as there is nothing else that can compare with the Love of Jesus. No one on this earth is perfect, we all make mistakes, we can all fall but if we call out to Him when we are miserable He will help us get back up and get over whatever it is that has us captive to Satan.

Know this. It does not matter how far down you go, He will still help you. Do not let the ignorance of this world tell you that you are forsaken and that if you only had Jesus you wouldn’t have all those problems. That is a lie. Jesus Himself tells us that darkness will constantly surround us when we follow Him, He told us that this world will hate us and do everything it can against us to make us fall. We just need to believe even when things are so dark and desperate we feel like no one can love us, we need to remember that no matter what He will love us and help us if we truly love Him and keep His Commandments. I know how hard it is at times to cling to that knowledge of forgiveness and help. Even when we think He is not listening He IS! I have cried and screamed and questioned and acted like an utter fool in His presence because I am such a big baby that I feel like nothing can ever go right for me, because the harder I try the more the devil heap coals on my head and makes me act like an unsaved wretch who never knew HIM. Believe me He is still there. He just needs to know that you love Him and trust Him more than anything else. There is not one thing in this world that can save you except Jesus Christ Himself. He can give you hope in that darkness when no one else will. Just call out to Him anyway you can. Cling to the knowledge that He is real, and He is coming back for us. Just imagine. On that day we will be raised to His Righteousness. He will heal all our sorrows, our hearts, minds, and bodies will be made perfect. Missing limbs restored! Damaged minds repaired! No illness! No pills! No life supports! The righteous dead will be resurrected to full life and vitality bursting with health and youth! (Isaiah 65:20) NLT
“No longer will babies die when only a few days old. No longer will adults die before they have lived a full life. No longer will people be considered old at one hundred! Only the cursed will die that young.”
Wow can you imagine? We will have life just as we have it here without all the hardship or deceit. It will be so beautiful! (Isaiah 66:22, 2 Peter 3:10-13, Rev. 21:1,5)

As horrible as Christ’s suffering was for us on the Cross, is it not enough to endure our suffering now, so that we may receive His Heavenly Blessing of Eternal Life with Him forever? Be glad in your suffering for He will bless you if you prevail to the very end and do not lose your faith in Him. Do not buy into the false teachings of those who want to impose earthly images of false redemption upon you. They do not truly know God. If they did they would welcome those who come to them needing help who do not have false hearts. Only the devil is corrupt and lost forever with no redemption. Any other soul can be saved, if you do not ignore the urgings of His Holy Spirit.

It is only the demons of this world, the corrupt and ignorant disciples of that old devil Lucifer himself, and their false teachings and his extreme and insane delusions and wicked deceptions that prevent those who are victimized by his ignorance from being made whole. There are so many inhabitants of this world who do not understand about God’s True Righteousness, nor His Goodness and Mercy. Instead they choose to believe the lies which they fabricate inside their evil hearts, which declare that there is no good without evil. I feel sorry for all those who are lost inside of Satan’s deception. Only Christ can save us and nothing man can invent inside his own mind can change one jot or tittle of God’s Holy Law, which is embodied in the Ten Commandments.

Only diligent study of His Holy Scripture delivered to us through His chosen prophets can teach you the Truth. It is only by knowing what is Written that we can even begin to hope that we are not deluded by Satan’s counterfeit miracles which must be made known before the Second Coming of Christ. And we must know within our hearts, what He means, and I believe that this is my ministry for Christ. To show those who are lost and can be saved how to give genuine love to others, not this love full of conditions and recriminations. For there are those who cannot and will not be redeemed because they refuse in their hearts to admit to the very real wickedness to which they cling. And those who come to Him must not come in falseness, for those we must cast aside, for they do not know God and do not truly want His Forgiveness. These are the children of Satan, spreading more hardship, stealing the fruits from those who are called His Children. For we are the Righteous and we must beware, for the devil is the father of their confusion.

And Satan, now knowing his time is short, will go to extreme measures to threaten those who truly love God and know that Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son and Saviour, the High Priest who stands inside of the Most Holy Place as the Intercessor, before God, our Heavenly Father.

Study the Word. Don’t just listen to others preach. They may very well be telling you lies, false teachings to lead you astray. The only way you will know is if you delve deeply into the Holy Scriptures and find out what it says for yourselves. Do not believe the lies of Satan or the false prophets in the pulpits who preach deception.

I confess, that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. So help me God. Amen.



Babylon Is No More

Revelation 14:8 NKJV -8 And another angel followed, saying, “Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.” – Bible Gateway

Christ came to Earth to pay the ‘bride price’ or ‘dowry’ for His Bride, the Church. This dowry was the salvation of Earth’s people by His Suffering and Death on the Cross at Calvary. John 17 NKJV – Jesus Prays for Himself and For His people – Bible Gateway Then Jesus ‘returned’ or ‘ascended’ into Heaven, after His Resurrection, to prepare a place for His Bride. Rev 19:7

And that she should prepare herself, cleansing herself by the Living Word of God, in order that, she could present herself to Him without blemish , nor mark, nor wrinkle. Eph 5:26,27

For us to appear before Christ in this manner, we must study His Holy Word. Not just go to church meetings and organized Bible studies, but also on our own time. We must start our days in prayer to God whom showed His love for us by giving to us Jesus His Only Begotten Son, the Saviour to whom we owe much. In this way we show to God our genuine love for Him in return. We must establish a strong line of communication to God through prayer. (Ellen White once spoke that “In order to commune with God, we must have something to say to Him concerning our actual life”.)

Jeremiah 29:12 says “Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.” In this way we may be granted the Bride Gift of Christ (Rev 19:8) which is the righteousness of the saints, those who overcome this world’s wickedness and influence. This is why Christ died for us, to take Himself the sins of all unrighteousness, so that He could give this gift of righteousness. (II Cor 5:21)

In Matthew 22:8-14 we are admonished to be ready for Christ’s return and prepare for His Wedding to His Bride, when we will be given our wedding garments, the ‘Cloak of Righteousness’ which is the ‘Word of God’. It is up to us through diligent study to put on this Cloak, thereby claiming the Righteousness of Christ Himself as if it were our own. (“for many are called, but few are chosen”.)

It is at the Marriage of Christ to His Church on Earth that He will return in Glorious Victory to slay, for the last time, all traces of evil. There will be none left who speak against the Lord and His Righteousness, defiling all that is Good and Glorious in His Sight. (Rev 19:11-16) This is what is referred to in the Holy Scriptures as the Battle of Armageddon. (Rev 16:16)

All of those who were not present at the Lord’s Marriage Supper, all of those who stand in opposition to God, will then be raised from the first death, to enter the second death, or eternal destruction and damnation. No trace of the wicked will remain to blot out, nor darken the Light of Heaven. I call this judgement the Judgement of Fools, or for those whom Christ will condemn to His Other Light the Red Fires of Hell. (F.O.O.L) For Our Other Light. Therefore, we are strongly admonished not to call anyone else a Fool. Because in that manner we are casting judgement upon them and all Judgement remains to Christ. We as guests at the Marriage Supper will therefore stand in witness to His Judgement upon the wicked. (Rev 19:17-19)

At that same time the Beast and the False Prophet of Rev 19:20 will be cast into the Lake of Fire alive and forever burn for their part in the destruction of mankind on Earth. This Beast influenced by Lucifer, the demonic lord, will forever pay for their sins against the Highest Lord, as it is they whom plot and try to mislead all of Earth’s children and the Children of the One and Only True God of Heaven, the Creator of All Things to whom we owe much. And after that all the wicked upon the Earth, alive and dead, will be condemned to Eternal Death for their crimes against Him. (Rev 19:21) For we have been Called and Chosen by Christ Himself to live and reign with Him, forever and ever. (Rev 17:14) And this will be the End of all flesh, at the Marriage of the Lamb. Amen.

All References to Scripture Verses and Explanations were taken from or inspired by the following Sermons
(Televised Sermon 3ABN) Babylon Is No More

(Sabbath Sermon) Understanding Prayer

Kenneth Cox Ministries

Pastor Bob Harris

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Amarillo Seventh Day Adventist Church

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Kenneth Cox Ministries

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Stamp Out Satan A Precedent of Deceit

Stamp Out Satan

 “Ignorant two year olds riding around on stick horses playing cowboys and Indians yelling “JI had!” think they have the right to dispense God’s justice!”

This is my Headline for today. Although I usually rely on the editorial expertise of others, I am no longer able to do this concerning the above hate-filled and violent behavior of Islamic Jihadists.

Five minutes before posting this article I turned on American Family Radio which I listen to almost exclusively for news insights early in the day. While I was about to hit the send button on my device I heard this, “And the shooters said they were there to exclusively target non-Muslim believers at the Mall for attack.” How insane are these radical Islamic Jihadists? 

Excuse me. But it is my strong opinion that if you want to carry out immature two year old type of Jihadist ignorance, I will hold to my right to denounce your claim and the right…

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Jihad vs Crusades – YouTube


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Jihad vs Crusades – YouTube

via Jihad vs Crusades – YouTube.

Stamp Out Satan A Precedent of Deceit


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 “Entire nations acting like spoiled two year olds riding around on stick horses playing cowboys and Indians yelling “JIhad!” who believe they have the right to commit murder because they disagree with those who believe in the  Holy Scriptures!”

This is my Headline for today. Although I usually rely on the editorial expertise of others, I am no longer able to do this concerning the above hate-filled and violent behavior of Islamic Jihadists.

Five minutes before posting this article I turned on American Family Radio which I listen to almost exclusively for news insights early in the day. While I was about to hit the send button on my device I heard this, “And the shooters said they were there to exclusively target non-Muslim believers at the Mall for attack.” How insane are these radical Islamic Jihadists?

Excuse me. But it is my strong opinion that if you want to carry out immature two year old type of Jihadist ignorance, I will hold to my right to denounce your claim and the right to denounce such ignorant and harsh behavior according to the premise not so recently discovered, which is written in the ancient testimonies of God and Jesus Christ, referred to as the Holy Scriptures, and call a snake a snake.

  1. [As Jesus did so do I.  (Matthew 11:20) ]  Then Jesus began to denounce the towns in which most of his miracles had been performed, because they did not repent. (NIV)

  2. Help identifying hypocrites.  [Matthew 15:3)  Jesus replied, “And why do you break the command of God for the sake of your tradition? (NIV)

  3. Further proof that not even Christ’s chief apostle was above being rebuked for being wrongheaded, worldly thinking and manlike. (Matthew 16:23) Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.” (NIV)

  4. If you are wrong Jesus lets you know it.  (Matthew 22:29) Jesus replied, “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God. (NIV)

I also believe that those who use violence in such an unholy and ignorant manner, are lost to the LORD, and have lost all contact with reality of who HE is. I also believe that those who do not repent of such violent behaviour should worry about GOD’S true Justice which is HIS Justice and belongs to no man upon this Earth as Jesus Christ, the Living Son of GOD is no longer present among us in the flesh.  And it is He who is the judge of all living and dead, from the beginning.

He is in fact preparing His Heavenly hosts to destroy all misconceptions of HIS Kingdom and those who indulge in such blasphemous behavior, which is and always will be unforgiven in Heaven. The true definition of Blasphemy. (Matthew 12:31,32) But about the resurrection of the dead—have you not read what God said to you, ‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob’[a]? He is not the God of the dead but of the living.”  (NIV) The reason I say this is the true meaning of blasphemy is that, if you deny the existence of God and resist the urgings of His Holy Spirit, then you have cut yourself off from His Grace, thus rendering yourself  as God’s enemy, therefore blocking any and all help the Lord would otherwise make available.  In doing this you are condemning yourself to being unforgiven, therefore claiming only damnation and death upon Christ’s return.

I am here to try to inform you that we as Christians have as much right to defend our beliefs as any other being upon this planet. We cannot stand down. This includes the right to denounce terrorism and the ignorant and demonic beliefs of those whom perpetrate terrorist acts against others. This means that we as Christian followers of the way of Jesus will not condone violence nor mistreatment of any other as satan is the father of lies, condemnation, violence and guilt.  We must remember that God is good, He has no stain of unrighteousness within Him.  He is pure and perfect in every way.  When we read and study the Holy Scriptures we come to the understanding of how God intends us to be.  We start to undersand that because we do believe in GOD and the salvation of Jesus, which was offered to us as a gift and only by grace do we merit forgiveness, that we have become dead to sin, just as Christ died on that cross, so long ago.

Therefore if we are dead to sin, that means that sin itself will have no more power over us, that we will not choose sin. Instead we will follow Christ and His examples because we now claim His grace and His righteousness to live within us.  Therefore shedding our sinful natures. This does not mean that we will not commit another sin. It means that we will not seek sin as a daily tribute to satan. But that instead we will follow the paths of righteousness blazed in the Holy Scriptures and fullfilled by Jesus in His fleshly life.

If we hate ourselves then we hate Christ.  This is what the devil wants. He wants us to become lost. He wants us to give him control over our minds, over our bodies over the choices we make.  Isn’t that what the world is now doing?  Aren’t we allowing our moral codes to falter and to fall further and further away from what God has told us is right? God does not change. He will not change. Therefore His righteousness includes the destruction of all evil.  We have been told that satan himself walks to and fro upon the earth seeking whom he may devour. (I Peter 5:8) Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: (KJV)  We are giving satan control over our lives and extending that torment beyond ourselves into the lives of all around. (I Peter 5:9) Resist him and be firm in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are being experienced by your fellow believers throughout the world. Either knowingly or unknowingly we harm someone.  For in harming ourselves and not being able to understand that it is not God causing the injustice, but Satan himself, as God’s adversary we are assisting and not resisting Satan.

Most of us would never go around killing others or committing violence against them whether we believe in Jesus Christ or not, even though we have totally different understandings about spirituality or the existence of an after life. Nor would we commit unmitigated violence on those who disagree with our version of God.  But these Radical Islamic Terrorists will and do constantly.  And look at the founder of their belief system.  A filthy and disheveled man, given to opium addiction.  Having visions and talking with and angel of light?  Telling him to lie to all those who do not believe what he said and subdue them to be able to kill them?  Does that sound like and angel of light to you? No it sounds like Satan in his masquerade as an angel of light.  Unfortunately these poor lost people are not the only ones to fall under Satan’s deception.

Satan is the father of lies and lies is what you find in the Quran.  I could write better poetry than that, because that’s all it is, delusions caused by the cloud of vapor he steeped his consciousness in.  The devil posing as a being of light telling him what he wanted to hear.  Telling him it was okay to lie, and deceive and subject women to degradation and shame.

Killing all who would oppose him.  I’m sorry but these are only delusions placed into the minds of those who hate Jesus Christ and His Light.

True Bible believing Christians know and understand that the devil will always appear first as an angel of light, just as he did to Joseph Smith who founded Mormonism.  Although Mormons once had a very faithful view of the Holy Scriptures, that view has become corrupted and unfaithful to God, practically placing Mr. Smith into the category of Jesus. There is no man on Earth whom can take the place of Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God and His Only Begotten Son. To me the name just sounds like a misspelling of the word moron or that of some pagan god of old.  And given the way God loves to use signs and symbols, I believe the devil is having a really good laugh at that very fact.   Because they are in my opinion truly moronic in their acceptance of Joseph Smith’s angelic vision, because not since the Ark of the Covenant was removed from mankind, has God sent any of His Holy Emissaries to interact with a human being.  The only reason John received the Revelation of Christ is because John was an apostle of Jesus Christ while Jesus walked this Earth and was a faithful steward of His Word.

Saying black peoples are cursed by God and only white men are saved sounds to me alike they believe more in evolution and the survival of the fittest than anything Jesus preached.  Every bit of their literature speaks of Christ the Saviour.

But, if you happen to fall prey to their lies and propaganda  and attend one of their services, I guarantee from my own personal experience that there is no Holy Spirit present anywhere in their temples.  Also you will not hear about Jesus Christ.  All you will hear or see is Joseph Smith this,  Joseph Smith that, all the while you are being segregated by your sex.  Females have to go in here and males in here because women are so inferior in the eyes of the Lord as to be second in the eyes of God and unworthy of His Holy Presence.

Brothers and Sisters, I fled from that place, and I felt the absence of the Holy Spirit so profoundly that I begged God for forgiveness all the way home and then some.  I have never had such tangible proof of His absence anywhere or at anytime, except one other time in my life and that time I was playing a game with death,  seeing how much pure cocaine I could inhale at one time and still not go into a coma.

I tell you now, the LORD turned His Face away from me and, for the first time in my life, I knew what the fear of the Lord and of death was all about.  I walked around for weeks in a daze praying, begging, beseeching the Lord’s for His forgiveness.  And I was so caught up in my fear and misery that I was still punishing myself for many days after He had again turned His Face toward me.  And that is the way we fall from Grace my friends.

I am forever grateful that my God is a merciful God and that He will forgive even the worst of transgressions if we turn to His Only Begotten Son, Jesus the Christ for salvation. I have had many people say that God will not turn His face from you and they seen to have a hard time believing that story.  I cant see why.  There is such a thing as blasphemy of His Holy Spirit after all and why should we not believe in every word He has given us?

After all God is Who He Says He Is and no other.  Therefore do you believe it is our position as His Creation to doubt or question His motives?  Do you believe that we have the ability to argue with God and call Him a liar? I think not.    That my friends would be like thumbing our nose at God and telling Him that we are smarter and more capable than He.  To me a very dangerous precedent indeed.  Because then,  we will have made an irrevocable choice to deny God and His Holy Presence and He will dismiss your name from Jesus Book of Life.  Making sure you never try to return to His Presence, by sending you an impenetrable delusion from which you  will not escape.

Your conviction will remain that God is nothing, that He never was, and that He never will be.  That this is it, we have one life to live and then we die. And that is up to us to be creators of our own fate.   Unfortunately, this is true for the wicked.  And that is why we must try to first enlighten the lost before they totally and irrevocably commit the unforgivable sin of Blasphemy of His Holy Spirit.  Which is the complete denial of the Spirit of God which lives within each and every one of us.

But when those efforts are continually and without fail consistently and vehemently rejected, by those we try to bring to the knowledge of salvation, then it is that we must face the truth of our losses and walk away from those tormented and lost spirits.  For not even we can save them from God’s righteous judgement.

Yet some ask why?  Why is it that we have this inherent nature inside ourselves to want to practice compassion and love for others and why should I believe its not in and of myself?   It is because the breath of God Himself lives within us and it is in that breathe which resides inside us in the form of His Holy Spirit by which we have been given life.

And yes, I have no right to criticize the choices, good or bad of any other.  Because there is that we have been given called Free Will.  And it is the choices of Free Will which can save or damn any of us to Life or Death, for what we believe or have been made to believe by this worlds hardships, we can only hope to rectify the misconceptions they carry inside of their Creator.  Free will and the choices we make toward the Truth which God Himself has given,  is what seals our fate before our Creator.

GOD gave us free will for the very purpose of knowing who loves HIM without doubt.  Believing in that which we cannot see with our eyes, but know this.  God is as real as we ourselves are in our sinful flesh, yet we have been made dead to the sin of Adam and Eve and given hope of eternal life in the very presence of our Creator, thru sacrifice of  Jesus Christ upon the cross.  Jesus in His Divine Innocence took upon Himself all of the degradation and conseqences of our sins and suffered death for us.  He whom was perfect, divine, pure, innocent and without blemish, allowed Himself to be tortured and beaten, riduculed, and shamed,  nailed to a wooden cross and mocked.  Can you imagine how much He suffered on that day, in that place, in those moments?

I can’t.

I can only try to imagine His anguish and suffering.  For in that moment he became sin for us in order that He would defeat death by rising again from the tomb, once and for all defeating our deadly foe Satan.   If only we believe in Him.

I cannot imagine,  His earthly suffering,  nor His meek acceptance of torment,  because I myself could not have born such treatment without cursing those who were mistreating me. I would have begged, screamed, cried maybe even denounced God. All I can pray is that if ever that day comes when I must die for my Jesus that I too, can withstand the torture, the fear and the mockery of demonic hate.

Why is it so hard to understand the Ten Commandments?  Especially that which reads, “and love thy neighbor as thyself?”

Why is it so hard for some to forgive those whom have harmed or insulted them?  Why? Because they have hardened their hearts against the Lord and His Wisdom.

It does not require a doctorate in religious philosophy to understand that statement.

I cannot guarantee nor believe, that any news agencies which will not report accurately and truthfully the  extreme ‘gross misconduct’ of terrorists in an effort to be politically correct and not hurt anybodies ignorant sense of self importance are not paid employees, by way of appropriations,  or ownerships which side with those same ignorant members terrorist organizations.

Which organizations  in their supreme ignorance will use any type of sophistry or deadly malfeasance to try to incorporate fear into those of us who are not consumed by ignorance ourselves and do not hang on to injuatices of centuries past. Injustices I maight say were ignorantly propagated and harbored in the first place.   If you want to act like and insolent, ungrateful wretch and turn on your benefactor, and bite the hand that feeds, should you be given protection?  Should you be allowed to continue in such ill behaviour?  So you allow your children such freedom?  Do you allow their insolence and rebellion to go unpunished?  Neither did God not punish Hagar for her insolence toward Sarah.  Nor was she grateful that God did not allow her to die in the desert.  So instead she fled with her hatred of being cast out from among Abraham’s people and carried it with her into her son’s mind infecting his young heart with hatred.   It was she after all who failed in protecting her knowlegde of the One True God and asking for His guidance out of unforgiveness.

But God knew that Hagar would fail in this and He also knew that His Chosen of Israel would also fail,  so He allowed their animosity to propitiate and to grow into this present time.  Oh that we could heal the breach between the two brothers, but alas it is not to be unless both sides come to God and beg forgiveness and give up there centuries old hatred.protect and propagate said ignorant acts of terrorism.

Ignorant indifference is just what the devil’s looking for and if you think you will escape the real reckoning (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!).

Sorry I just sort of lost it there for a minute.

Remember this:  GOD doesn’t play! When GOD has somebody write something more than once, you had better believe “HE means every single Word of it, exactly like HE said it, or had it said.”

I personally can not wait until the Day of HIS Judgment starts, even though Lord forgive me it is the wrong thing to hope for, and then? When certain of the dead do not rise, we will all know who the true children of Satan are.

There is a grand precedent of deceit at work below the surface, nay, even on the very top of this Earth’s societal core. This deceit not only prevails within this country but in every country on this planet.

There are countless others whose authority and knowledge far exceed my own, whom have all been telling people for centuries long past about the insidiousness of the sophistry practiced by evil minded individuals whom are anti-christ.

And these others, whose skills and knowledge in such matters far exceed and outweigh my own, have often shouted themselves blue in the face, and still in our worldly ignorance, we just keep on letting it happen, over and over again.

It almost seems as though no one really wants to listen or obey though they say they are believers.

Just as no one wants to believe the voices of those whom have been targeted by such things as subliminal electronic harassment, or behavioral conditioning made possible by today’s advancements in computer technology.

Won’t you consider even for a moment the coincidental increase of similar types of events all happening at the same time during a small time frame?  How this world has ever willingly submitted to social predators such as: Hitler, Mussolini, and Saddam Hussein and used a country’s own government to carry out their social depredations by he usage of that country’s military system and laws,  then go undeterred in order to massacre tens of thousands of innocent human beings in cold blood?

This is well beyond my own pitiful skill at understanding.  But I will say this,  “There is no way I could have nor would have swallowed Hitler’s insanity. Thanks be to GOD.”

How is it that we have allowed so many psychotic individuals to go undetected on a sensitive military installation?  Because we do not want to believe in Our Creator. We choose to believe in lies and false doctrines of Evolution.

Our own US government is guilty of hacking our lives and causing us who knows what kinds of misery.  Just research the mind control efforts of our own FBI and see for yourself why whistle blowers like Snowden feel it necessary to reveal our hidden governments secrets.

We should leave people like Snowden alone.  They are trying to do us mediocre citizens a favor. And if you don’t believe the top brass considers us mediocre fodder to turn the cogs of their wheels, I don’t know what world you live in but you need to wake up.

Many ornaments hang on the tree but only a few are worthy of notice.

Jesus said many times,  “He that has an ear, let him hear.”

There are two forces at war within our society, after all . Good and evil.  Evil contrary to popular modernistic belief is not necessary to enhance the nature of good.  What bollycocks! Pure satanistic drivel!

Each and every human being upon this planet is part and party to this spiritual war, either by their own personal choice or by being victimized and blinded by Satan, the grand master of deceit.

The devils defeat is imminent.   The devil can not win his fate has already been sealed. Christ Himself defeated Him when He gave Himself over to His accusers and allowed Himself to be mistreated, wronfully accused and hung with nails upon a wooden Cross.  Satan himseld sealed his own fate by swallowing the stone’s he stole from beneath GOD’S Holy Mountain. (Ezekiel 28:14-19)

This is not fictional war between good and evil. Nor is it some grand fairy tale.  I only pray that the Truth could become evident to each and every person upon this planet. But God Himself said it will not be.  So His Word is what I accept.  But anyone of us can choose to be saved if we forgo our ignorance and our misconceptions of who He IS.

IF we will acknowledge the truth as He has revealed it to us and stop teaching our children to lie, to wear a mask in order to get ahead and achieve monetary stature in society, they may just realize the truth and be saved.

If we would just stop giving counsel to relativism and he evils brought about by the therory of evolution, which is false and teaches hatred and bigotry against those who are weak.  And this definition is one whose meaning is clear.  This world belongs to those who will do anything to survive, including any who get in their way.  They see those who lace violence as weak and useless.   And so those who practice such sophistry and ignorance cause this world and its inhabitants misery.

Wrongdoing involves any action which causes real or indirect harm to any other living soul upon this planet no matter how good the intention claims to be or for what good it does the ruling masses.   I don’t care if it is just a dirty look or a derogatory comment directed at some other.   Stop telling our kids it is not nice to tell on someone.  We have ways of ensuring that the child is not telling lies they made up.  Why don’t we use those tools which psychologists have striven so hard to uncover?  I think every single living person upon this planet should be subjected to MMPI’s. That way we could see the potentials in a person’s psychological make-up and remove those from positions of power whom are selfish, self-centered and power hungry or violent.

Only those whom have something to fear would be afraid of such a test.

But first we would have to insure that anyone whom is subjected to that test was protected beyond the little door and the few and the favorite.

In order that no one is mistreated or lied about we would have to make it a publicly live examination process where any living individual upon this planet can watch in real-time, the entire testing and grading process.

No hidden person in some little room making a judgment, no unreadable text or action that can be misinterpreted.

It’s a shame, but that is the only way around the backyard barbecues that happen daily in this world on the stage of character assassination.

The Holy Scriptures admonishes us to “look and acknowledge true evil, which is insidious, and true goodness which cannot stomach evil.” is self-evident in it’s testimony and Jesus Christ Himself will not be able to withhold spitting it out.       (Revelation 3:16)

Do you think Jesus Christ will eject anything which is good from HIS mouth!  Do you believe that He is even capable of containing evil?  Apprently there are some who do.

I personally want each and every single human being on this planet to take an unsuspecting sip of tepid water.

Do you know how disgusting water at that temperature tastes?  I can guarantee that you will find it so disgusting that you will involuntarily spit it out. This is the same reaction Jesus will have toward those of us whom refuse to take a clear stand in this fight.

It just may be the very lesson we all need in order to understand how distasteful evil, sin, and unrighteous behavior is to Our Creator. GOD does not look at evil with indifference.  And If you do not believe that HE considers our very indifference to wrongdoing to be evil, I feel very, very sorry for you.  You do not Know GOD.

Be enriched in the knowledge of your own personal commitment to Christ and His Fathers wishes,  if you suffer at the hands of anyone for that belief.

Because it means you are very special indeed to the Father and to His Only Begotten  Son.  It means that you have been chosen by your Creator to be one of His Children in His Kingdom, no matter what this Earth or anybody on this Earth tries to make you believe to the contrary.  If you suffer unrighteously you are blessed by GOD!  Only those who are truly loved by GOD could be so unfairly persecuted by Satan.  Because He alrready knows exactly which ones of us will accept and adore Him.   And I can guarantee you that you are not evil and that you most probably have far better understanding of unholy principles than a lot of others claiming such knowledge. Because you carry good within your heart.

If those in this world hate you, mock you, do evil acts upon you and lie to others about your character and their part in your personal misery, I can almost guarantee that the LORD has chosen you.  Jesus never promised us a rose garden until after His return, which for all we know could still be centuries away.  If as the Seventh Day Adventists believe the last 1260 days of tribulation started in 1758, then it won’t end until 3018.  That’s pretty close but not for all of us. But even Jesus said that He does not know the day or the hour of His 2nd Coming.

It is they who are evil and those of us who suffer daily at their hands who truly will remember this.  The devil knows he only has a very short time left upon this Earth.  Why do you think there is so much pain and suffering evident.  More and More each day!

We as Believers must cling to the Word of God, which is Jesus made flesh, our Divine Saviour. The Immaculate One!  Don’t fall for these current lies about him having sex with Mary Magdelene.  Jesus’ very presence was so breathtaking that just to be next to him could fill one with ecstasy!  There is no way I could have imagined trying to touch Him like that!

Jesus was the WORD of God made Flesh. Jesus was the only living human being whom could speak for God, because He was God’s Voice (Word) upon this Earth. Jesus is Divine and therefore He is Holy! There is no carnal knowledge within Him!  This is the most insane thing I have ever heard.  As high as DaVinci’s IQ was it just goes to show that even those kinds of people have very huge flaws.

There are many whom will come and try to convince you that you are mistaken, that you must be deranged, that you are lying to yourself, so therefore you are severely delusional for believing in Jesus Christ.   Maybe they say they should just kill you and show you there is no such thing as God or Jesus Christ.  Or they will tell you that He does not care for you or He would save you from their torment.

Read the Bible and you will understand why these things take place.

Satan hates GOD and he will do anything to undermine HIS Authority if possible.

Satan will use any thing he can to destroy the truth even the truth itself if possible by warping and rewriting it in order to confuse.

If it is not written in the Holy Scriptures, question it!

You should question all things regarding the spirit unless you can prove it without a doubt by the complete reading of the Bible.

Anything can be taken out of context! Even the Word of GOD.

We’re only human, just try to remember that next time you fall down and the devil tries to keep you there.



The devil and his minions will go to any length to try to tear you away from the loving embrace of Jesus Christ.

He has said and it is written that He died for our sins and He will save us as long as we believe in  His Life, His Death and His Resurrection.

Also we must be baptized by full immersion in water!

We must learn to accept that we no longer need saving as the world calls it.   The sufferings inflicted upon us by these evil ones is not permanent though it may kill our flesh and inflict upon us un-nameable torment.

He told us these things would happen to us if He loves us. Therefore do not let those whom claim falsely to be His people tell you that if you were saved then the world will finally love you. The world will hate you more, only His Church will love you if they are not apostate.

SATAN IS A LIAR!    Satan is truly adept at lies as he possesses perfect knowledge of good and evil and he uses it only for his own intentions, which is to cause Jesus Children intense misery and suffering.


Your suffering is for only as long as we retain this outer clothing of imperfect flesh.  If you persevere,  in your belief that Jesus Christ died for your sins upon an Earthly Cross and that He Rose from the dead as is written, and keep the 10 Commandments written by the Finger of God.  Then one day, He will come to claim us the living and the dead into His Kingdom and you will no longer suffer this painful Earthly fate.

I know it is hard for I myself have suffered at the hands of countless others, although I was what psychology called a split or today a dis-associative personality.  I lived not only my life but the lives of seven strangers.  No one told me, no one knew, how could they when the changes were so seamless?  But by the powers of God and His Great Mercy I was restored after sixty one years of torment.

There are many whom will say this is not possible, that I made it up in order that I would not have to hold myself accountable.

Oh, to have been aware enough to have been held accountable as witness in my own mind!

I can assure you that although I have no degree in psychology that any individual whom has been tormented and horribly abused since infancy or early childhood. (Probably before the age of three) that they also are probably split in personality and have become dis-associated from their true selves.  This is what keeps them victims, constantly being abused and unable to save ourselves.

I don’t see our abusers lying in the streets, starving, with very little to eat, filthy, unwashed, beaten and left dying. Do you? I don’t see our abusers enslaved or captured to face torture, or imprisoned for speaking the truth. But I will. (Read Isaiah 40:31, 51:21-23, 54:8-14)

If we did not teach our selves and our children to dishonor truth, to hide our real feelings, to not get involved, after all don’t we often say ” it’s not our problem, why should I get involved”.






Because: We are the World.

Each and everyone of us has the responsibility to take care of this planet and each and every particle, living and non-living which resides upon it.

Don’t make me puke at your sophistry.  It should not be impolite to show emotional concern, nor should it even be considered to be insane.

I say “Go on you evildoers!”.  Tell me that Jesus did not at one time braid a horsehair whip and drive the money-changers from HIS FATHERS Temple in Jerusalem.

Then I want to hear you tell me “there is no GOD” and I will say, “Yeah, right.”