This is ‘The Chapel of the Broken-Hearted’

DebraKayGerik    Author/Founder

About Us                               Isaiah 51:21-23 (KJV)

 21 “Therefore, hear now this, thou afflicted and drunken, but not with wine:

22 Thus saith thy Lord, the LORD, and thy GOD who pleadeth the cause of HIS people: “Behold, I have taken out of thine hand the cup of trembling, even the dregs of the cup of my fury; thou shalt no more drink it again,

23 But I will put it into the hand of those who afflict thee, who have said to thy soul, “Bow down that we may go over”; and thou hast laid thy body like the ground, and like the street, to those who went over”.


Let me start first by telling you:”I love the LORD with all my heart, all my soul and my entire mind.” And I confess with my mouth I John 4:1-3. Loudly and with great trumpets, I will shout it from the rooftops as HE doth command us in Isaiah 58:1.

I will also admit that it has taken me a very, very, very long time to crawl back up from Satan’s pit and to once again be cleansed of the depredations of this world’s spirit.

Just as Wendi Alec has seen the devil can sneak up on you so fast and so silently, that before you know it, you’re under Satan’s gun and the whole world is out to torment you as if they were somehow more pure.

Pure indeed!

How many of you out there can truly lay claim to the diligent reading of the Holy Scriptures?

First, though do you really understand GOD’S meaning of diligence?

Not man do.  Yet, because of HIM there are some.  Praise be HIS Blessed Name!

Who among you has not found themselves at one time or the other feeling totally alone, abandoned and feeling hopeless?

I know I have felt that way quite often in the past, sometimes daily it seemed and even now under the aegis of HIS Holy Spirit, I can become some such afflicted by those feelings of sad perversity.  That feeling of being surrounded by emptiness.

Contrary to popular opinion, brothers and sisters, being on an intimately familiar basis with Our LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ, does not protect us from the devil’s vicious onslaughts. As a matter of fact those who walk closest with Jesus will tell you the more you love Jesus the more the devil will step up to torment you.  A close relationship with Christ gives us victory over death and the tools with which to fight the Good Fight.  There is no miraculous dispersal of all bad things in your life all of a sudden.  I hate to break it to you but if your life is too pleasant you are probably clenched ever so tightly in Satan’s hands and you should start fighting free now before it is too late.

There will most probably be an awful lot of people (and I mean a lot) whom will not like me for saying this, nor will they like much of anything else the Holy Spirit causes to pour out of my mouth.  Most likely there will be great and adamant opposition, even threats.

I say, So be it. 

The Will of the LORD has never been the will of the devil.

I am willing to endure the devil’s vicious cries of Abaddon (Revelation 9:11) , ”This woman is crazy, deranged, spaced out, under the influence of drugs, an advocate of Satan, severely if not totally, mentally deranged, and psychologically damaged.”

Can you not see dear friends that this is the very exact time of the voice of the angel of the bottomless pit?  He cries out without cease! Look! Look at them, they are mad, they are hateful, we must shut them up and kill them!”

Is this not what is happening in the world today? Look! There’s a bad one! OH how we love to eradicate the simple truth of the Gospel and use it to cause confusion for the devil.  (Matthew 23:24)  Ye blind guides, who strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.

It is not okay.  We cannot allow blasphemy of GOD’S Holy Spirit.  We cannot continue to allow the devil to cut us off without a fight!

I am not talking bullets or any other type of bloody or unbloody violence.  I am referring to the speaking, very loudly, of the Truth of the Holy Scriptures.  We should not be afraid to speak out for GOD’S Son or His Holy Kingdom.  What kind of idiots are we?  I for one will not bow down to the yoke of the devil in any way shape or form.  Not willingly, and not without great and fatal distress.  This body means nothing, death holds no power over those who love Jesus and believe in His Earthly Sacrifice!

Who exactly should we be afraid of anyway?  I will tell you.  (Matthew 10:28 “Don’t be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot touch your soul. Fear only God, who can destroy both soul and body in hell. (Greek Gehenna.)

I cannot say that I have am not guilty of most or all of those things some may and will say about me when I was lost in the devil’s armpit.  I must admit there was a time when I strove very hard to give others the wrong impression of my character.  And I succeeded very well, thank you, but can you believe that this was not my purpose but maybe that of our Holy Lord?

What! You say, the Lord would never make somebody be that ignorant!  You don’t read your Bible very well, do you? There are many many instances when GOD used much much less than perfect men and women to carry out HIS Purpose.  Such as Jonah or Rahab the prostitute to name two.

Don’t let the devil fool you!  Following Jesus is not a ticket to the good ship lollipop!  It is a commission to join into the greatest of all battles, the battle between good and evil.  Ellen White of The SDA was very clear on this point, as are and were many other great religious prophets and instructors of our times.

I had first come under the influence of drug addiction at the age of 5 years.  Quite young you say and how on Earth could something like that even happen?  Quite easily, just as Wendi Alec of GOD TV spoke when confronted with the apostasy of her husband Rory’s failure to uphold the Holy Gospel by committing adultery and therefore casting doubt on the relevancy of Wendi’s Holy Calling. For believe me, Wendi Alec is a True Prophet of GOD.

How do I know? Because she is the only one whom has seen the same vision of GOD’S Holy Paradise that I myself witnessed at the young age of six when I walked with Jesus.

I saw the Golden fields of wheat stretching across the plains beneath GOD’S Holy Mountain, walked the Straight Path which lay before us, and turned to see man’s First Beginnings in the Presence behind us of the Tree of Life.

Now, Praise GOD that at the age of 61, I am finally free from the devastating hold of my addictions, and with HIS HOLY Blessing, I will remain free of that menacing curse.

There is after all, nothing good we can do for ourselves or of ourselves, without the help of GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT.

Without HIS HEAVENLY BLESSINGS, we could not exist. HE does not judge as men judge, therefore, we may experience gross misjudgments and evisceration at the hands and mouths of our fellow humans.

And there are those whom appear more grossly monstrous to some of us other humans by their lack of cleanliness, physical beauty, intelligence or worldly wealth.

But, it is this which is our duty as GOD’s Children: to be on the lookout for any and all whom suffer at the hands of Satan, and or cause the suffering as such by others.

There is no excuse to turn away from those who’s suffering is intense, killing, and unmerciful for any reason.

We are the Hands of GOD upon this Earth, and HE is WATCHING to see what it is that we will do.

Therefore must we remain pure in our hearts, in our minds and in our bodies.  For it is the purity of our hearts which can lead us to salvation.

No matter what any one or us here on this planet has been through, or witnessed, or been party of, can there be even one to claim innocence other than the Son of GOD, whose name is Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.

I say these things as that which I hold close and will not relinquish.

Man’s laws are not GOD’s laws.

Man will keep you down, with their foot on the back of your neck, but GOD will always offer you a way up, out of darkness.

So, regardless of how, others have or have not perceived me:

I have tried never to be a thief,

Never to be a liar,

To never purposefully try to hurt or take advantage of any other human being, either for my own, or any others purposes.

I have always stood firmly and actively against violence.

I go out of my way to help or protect any others whom need protection or help in any way.

I will give someone the shirt off my back, the shoes off my feet, or the food from my mouth. If they need it more than I do.

I will always try to be diplomatic, if not always polite, though at times I have been neither.

I will not ever have to bend again to the will of Satan, at any time, for any reason without extreme harassment and coercion.   With the help of my Lord, Jesus, the Christ…and the Blood of His Salvation.

I would die for my LORD and HIS Principles, if I must, as it was He who died for me.

I try to be neither selfish, nor self-centered enough to believe HE owes me anything and pray that I never come to think HE does or could ever owe me anything.

I also promise that if proved or unproved that I have been rude or wrong without great cause, then I will not hesitate to apologize publicly. But if it involves making apologies which involves the protocols or commandments of GOD’S Heaven, I will not change my clothes nor my words to avoid conflict.

I will most likely be considered often to be rude and politically incorrect, as there is very little I see that is correct in the world’s politics.

This is who I am, and I believe, this is what Jesus wants me to be. After all it is He that has made and sheltered me.

So just like me, my friends, you can grin and bare it, or learn and share it.

Just do it for the LORD.

We belong to HIM, after all.

HE made us.

We did not make HIM.

Moreover, HE is real.

And in addition, HE is Living and therefore Viable.


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