“Ignorant two year olds riding around on stick horses playing cowboys and Indians yelling “JI had!” think they have the right to dispense God’s justice!”

This is my Headline for today. Although I usually rely on the editorial expertise of others, I am no longer able to do this concerning the above hate-filled and violent behavior of Islamic Jihadists.

Five minutes before posting this article I turned on American Family Radio which I listen to almost exclusively for news insights early in the day. While I was about to hit the send button on my device I heard this, “And the shooters said they were there to exclusively target non-Muslim believers at the Mall for attack.” How insane are these radical Islamic Jihadists? 

Excuse me. But it is my strong opinion that if you want to carry out immature two year old type of Jihadist ignorance, I will hold to my right to denounce your claim and the right to denounce such ignorant and harsh behavior according to the premise not so recently discovered, which is written in the ancient testimonies of God and Jesus Christ, referred to as the Holy Scriptures, and call a snake a snake.

  1. (Matthew 11:20) as Jesus did so do I.

  2. (Matthew 15:3) Help identifying hypocrites.

  3. (Matthew 16:23) Further proof that not even Christ’s chief apostle was above being rebuked for being wrongheaded, worldly thinking and manlike.

  4. (Matthew 22:29) If you are wrong Jesus lets you know it.

I also believe that those who use violence in such an unholy and ignorant manner, are lost to the LORD, and have lost all contact with reality of who HE is. I also believe that those who do not repent of such violent behaviour should worry about GOD’S true Justice which is HIS Justice and belongs to no man upon this Earth AS Jesus Christ, the Living Son of GOD is no longer present among us in the flesh.

He is in fact preparing His Heavenly hosts to destroy all misconceptions of HIS Kingdom and those who indulge in such blasphemous behavior, which is and always will be unforgiven in Heaven. (Matthew 12:31,32) The true definition of Blasphemy.

I am hear to tell you that we as Christians  have as much right to defend our beliefs as you do. We also have the right to denounce terrorism and those whom perpetrate terroristic acts against others. This does not mean that we condone violence in any form as all violece is from Satan. If you read the Holy Scriptures you would understand that GOD’S people only have the right to treat others as we treat ourselves. I know I would never go around shooting people who do not believe as I do. Nor would I tell them they have no right to their opinions. GOD gave us free will for the very purpose of knowing who loves HIM.

Why is it so hard to understand the Commandment which reads, “and love thy neighbor as thyself?” Give me a break! It does not require a doctorate in religious philosophy to understand that statement.

I can guarantee that any news agencies which will not report accurately on the ‘gross misconduct’ on the part of terrorists in an effort to be politically correct are paid employees, by way of appropriations, of said terrorist organizations. Which organizations  in their supreme ignorance will use any type of sophistry to protect and propagate said ignorant acts of terrorism.

I, myself have more dignity than to work for any person, cult or organization, including government organizations whose main purpose is to disfigure the truth and confuse the innocent.

Anybody who values a paycheck more than truth and personal integrity is in my opinion is a weak willed coward.

Ignorant indifference is just what the devil’s looking for and if you think you will escape the real reckoning (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!).

Sorry I just sort of lost it there for a minute.

Remember this:  GOD doesn’t play! When GOD has somebody write something more than once, you had better believe “HE means every single Word of it, exactly like HE said it, or had it said.”

I personally can not wait until the Day of HIS Judgment starts, even though Lord forgive me it is the wrong thing to hope for, and then? When certain of the dead do not rise, we will all know who the true children of Satan are.

There is a grand precedent of deceit at work below the surface, nay, even on the very topof this Earth’s societal core. This deceit not only prevails within this country but in every country on this planet.

There are countless others whose authority and knowledge far exceed my own, whom have all been, telling people for years about the insidiousness of the sophistry practiced by evil minded individuals whom are anti-christ.

And these others, whose skills and knowledge in such matters far exceed and outweigh my own, have often shouted themselves blue in the face, and still in our worldly ignorance, we just keep on letting it happen, over and over again.

Nobody really wants to listen or obey though they say they are believers.

Just as no one wants to believe the voices of those whom have been targeted by such things as subliminal electronic harassment, or behavioral conditioning made possible by today’s advancements in computer technology.

Won’t you consider even for a moment the coincidental increase of similar types of events all happening at the same time during a small time frame?  How this world has ever willingly submitted to social predators such as: Hitler, Mussolini, and Saddam Husseinand used a country’s own government to carry out their social depredationsby usage of that country’s military system and go undetected in order to massacre tens of thousands of innocent human beings in cold blood is well beyond my own understanding.  There is no way I could or would have swallowed Hitler’s insanity. Thanks be to GOD.

How is it that we’ve allowed a psychotic individual to go undetected on a sensitive military installation? Because we do not want to believe.

Our own US government is guilty of hacking our lives and causing us who knows what kinds of misery.

Leave people like Snowden alone, he is trying to do us mediocre citizens a favor. And if you don’t believe the top brass considers us mediocre fodder to turn the cogs of their wheels, I don’t know what world you live in but you need to wake up.

Many ornaments hang on the tree but only a few are worthy of notice.

Jesus said many times,  “He that has an ear, let him hear.”

There are two forces at war within our society, after all . Good and evil.  Evil contrary to popular modernistic belief is not necessary to enhance the nature of good.  What bollycocks! Pure satanistic drivel!

Each and every human being upon this planet is a part and party to this spiritual war, either by their own personal choice or by being victimized and blinded by Satan, the grand master of deceit.

The devils defeat is imminent.   The devil can not win if we don’t let him. He has sealed his own fate by swallowing the stone’s he stole from beneath GOD’S Holy Mountain. (Ezekiel 28:14-19) 

This is the not fictional war between good and evil. Which should be evident to each and every person upon this planet.

IF we will acknowledge the truth as He has revealed it to us and stop teaching our children to lie, to wear a mask in order to get ahead and achieve monetary stature in society, we may just realize the truth.

If we would just stop giving counsel to relativism and those who practice such sophistry and acknowledge there is a true right anda true wrong our world could move forward into a period of peace.

Wrongdoing involves any action which causes real or indirect harm to any other living soul upon this planet no matter how good the intention was.  I don’t care if it is just a dirty look or a derogatory comment directed at some other.   Stop telling our kids it is not nice to tell on someone.  We have ways of ensuring that the child is not telling lies they made up.  Why don’t we use those tools which psychologists have striven so hard to uncover?  I think every single living person upon this planet should be subjected to MMPI’s. That way we could see the potentials in a person’s psychological make-up and remove those from positions of power whom are selfish, self-centered and power hungry or violent.

Only those whom have something to fear would be afraid of such a test.

But first we would have to insure that anyone whom is subjected to that test was protected beyond the little door and the few and the favorite.

In order that no one is mistreated or lied about we would have to make it a publicly live examination process where any living individual upon this planet can watch in real-time, the entire testing and grading process.

No hidden person in some little room making a judgment, no unreadable text or action that can be misinterpreted. 

It’s a shame, but that is the only way around the backyard barbecues that happen daily in this world on the stage of character assassination.

The Holy Scriptures admonishing us to “look and acknowledge true evil, which is insidious, and true goodness which cannot stomach evil.” is self-evident in it’s testimony and Jesus Christ Himself will not be able to withhold spitting it out. ( Revelation 3:16)

Do you think Jesus Christ will eject anything which is good from HIS mouth!  Do you believe that He is even capable of containing evil?

I personally want each and every single human being on this planet to take an unsuspecting sip of tepid water.

Do you know how disgusting water at that temperature tastes?  I can guarantee that you will find it so disgusting that you will involuntarily spit it out. This is the same reaction Jesus will have toward those of us whom refuse to take a clear stand in this fight.

It just may be the very lesson we all need in order to understand how distasteful evil, sin, and unrighteous behavior is to Our Creator. GOD does not look at evil with indifference.  And If you do not believe that HE considers our very indifference to wrongdoing to be evil, I feel very, very sorry for you.  You do not Know GOD.

Be enriched in the knowledge of your own personal goodness if you suffer at the hands of anyone. That means you are very special indeed to the Father and the Son.  It means that you have been chosen by your Creator to be one of His Children in His Kingdom, no matter what this Earth or anybody on this Earth tries to make you believe to the contrary.  If you suffer unrighteously you are blessed by GOD!  Only those who are truly loved by GOD would be so unfairly persecuted by Satan.  And I can guarantee you that you are not evil and that you most probably have far better understanding of unholy principles than a lot of others claiming such knowledge.

If those in this world hate you, mock you, do evil acts upon you and lie to others about your character and their part in your personal misery, I can guarantee the LORD has chosen you for some greater purpose.  Jesus never promised us a rose garden until after His return, which for all we know could still be centuries away.  If as the Seventh Day Adventists believe the first 1260 days of tribulation started in 1758, then it won’t end until 2018.  That’s pretty close! But even Jesus said that He does not know the hour or the day of His 2nd Coming.

It is they who are evil and those of us who suffer daily at their hands who truly remember this.  The devil knows he only has a very short time left upon this Earth.  Why do you think there is so much pain and suffering evident.  More and More each day! 

We as Believers must cling to the Word of God, which is Jesus made flesh, our Divine Saviour. The Immaculate One!  Don’t fall for these current lies about him having sex with Mary Magdelene.  Jesus very presence was so breathtaking that just to be next to him could fill one with ecstasy!  There is no way I could have imagined trying to touch Him like that!  

Jesus was the WORD of God made Flesh. Jesus was the only living human being whom could speak for God, because He was God’s Voice (Word) upon this Earth. Jesus is Divine and therefore He is Holy! There is no carnal knowledge within Him!  This is the most insane thing I have ever heard.  As high as DaVinci’s IQ was it just goes to show that even those kinds of people have very huge flaws. 

There are many whom will come and try to convince you that you are mistaken, that you must be deranged, that you are lying to yourself, so therefore you are severely delusional for believing in Jesus Christ.   Maybe they say they should just kill you and show you there is no such thing as God or Jesus Christ.  And they tell you that He does not care for you or He would save you from torment. Read the Bible and you will understand why these things take place.  Satan hates GOD and he will do anything to undermine HIS Authority if possible.  Satan will use any thing he can to destroy the truth even the truth itself if possible by warping and rewriting it in order to confuse.  If it is not written in the Holy Scriptures, question it!  You should question all things regarding the spirit unless you can prove it without a doubt by the complete reading of the Bible.  Anything can be taken out of context! Even the Word of GOD.  We’re only human, just try to remember that next time you fall down and the devil tries to keep you there.


The devil and his minions will go to any length to try to tear you away from the loving embrace of Jesus Christ.  He has said and it is written that He died for our sins and He will save us as long as we believe in  His Life, His Death and His Resurection.  Also we must be baptized by immersion in water! We must learn to  accept that we no longer need saving as the world calls it.   The sufferings inflicted upon us by these evil ones is not permanent though it may kill our flesh and inflict upon us un-nameable torment.

He told us these things would happen to us if He loves us. Therefore do not let those whom claim falsely to be His people tell you that if you were saved then the world will finally love you. The world will hate you more, only His Church will love you if they are not apostate.

SATAN IS A LIAR!    Satan is truly adept at lies as he possesses perfect knowledge of good and evil and he uses it only for his own intentions, which is to cause Jesus Children intense misery and suffering.


Your suffering is for only as long as we retain this outer clothing of imperfect flesh.  If you persevere,  in your belief that Jesus Christ died for your sins upon an Earthly Cross and that He Rose from the dead as is written, then one day He will come to claim you into His Kingdom and you will no longer suffer this Earthly fate.

I know it is hard for I myself have suffered at the hands of countless others, although I was what psychology called a split or today a dis-associative personality.  I lived not only my life but the lives of seven strangers.  No one told me, no one knew, how could they when the changes were so seamless?  But by the powers of God and His Great Mercy I was restored after sixty one years of torment.

There are many whom will say this is not possible, that I made it up in order that I would not have to hold myself accountable.  Oh to have been aware enough to have been held accountable as witness in my own mind.  I can assure you that although I have no degree in psychology that any individual whom has been tormented and horribly abused since infancy or early childhood. (Probably before the age of three) they also are probably split in personality and have become dis-associated from their true selves.  This is what keeps us victims, constantly being abused and unable to save ourselves.

I don’t see our abusers lying in the streets, starving, with very little to eat, filthy, unwashed, beaten and left dying. Do you? I don’t see our abusers enslaved or captured to face torture, or imprisoned for speaking the truth. But I will. (Read Isaiah 40:31, 51:21-23, 54:8-14)

If we did not teach our selves and our children to dishonor truth, to hide our real feelings, to not get involved, after all don’t we often say ” it’s not our problem, why should I get involved”.






Because: We are the World.

Each and everyone of us has the responsibility to take care of this planet and each and every particle, living and non-living which resides upon it.

Don’t make me puke at your sophistry.  It should not be impolite to show emotional concern, nor should it even be considered to be insane.

I say “Go on you evildoers, tell that to Jesus when He braided the horsehair whip and drove the money-changers from HIS FATHERS Temple in Jerusalem.” Then I want to hear you tell me “there is no GOD” and I will say, “Yeah, right.”