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Blog Your Block.  LOL! I tend to observe my block quite frequently and still can’t figure out why all of the neighbors seem to prefer my trash receptacle to theirs.  I mean they would rather walk out their front doors, cross the street and then deposit their trash in my receptacle.

I know theirs is closer.

I have considered returning the favor.

Or maybe……, they are spying on me.

Good luck!  There’s not much to see these days, since I am currently trying to be a responsible caretaker.

My house seems to be a favorite of most, if not all, ?of the busy bodies in the neighborhood.

But me? I love the birds, my cats and of course, my three dogs.

The birds have started to complain quite loudly if I don’t keep feeding them regularly.  And of course, without a feeder I must watch my cats, since they have a tendency to hunt.

Across the street, what an eyesore! No one except for myself and two or three others even care to water thier grass or pick up the trash.  But this place is almost beyond my comprehension.  It’s a small block of recently built apartments which house a large number of young children.  I love children but I believe parents should be responsible for their outdoor behavior, especially when it involves constantly throwing rocks at the large horse trailer which has been parked there for over 5 years and now looks a wreck.

The summer is coming and I haven’t yet quite decided if I should alert the city to the cacophony and mayhem which almost constantly erupts.

After all, someone loves to blow the whistle on my house.

Why I can barely have weeds and here comes the roach crew, telling the city all about the hazards my yard represents.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the other half of my neighbors knew how to throw their beer containers in the garbage.  Not to mention the trash which blows out of their open car doors to end up in my front yard.

Why, my neighbors whom live catty corner to me, across the street, worked very hard on the small house they purchased next to theirs to get it in rental condition.

Not surprisingly now, there seems to have been several stones hurled thru the new windows just opposite the rock pile the kids use to throw stones at the trailer.

I personally believe the parents of those children should offer to pay for those windows. Of course  they won’t.  For as lots of other not so observant parents believe, they claim their kids are not responsible.

Hmm……………. there is such a thing as probable cause.

It’s lucky for them my neighbors are good solid Christians.