Stamp Out Satan

 “Ignorant two year olds riding around on stick horses playing cowboys and Indians yelling “JI had!” think they have the right to dispense God’s justice!”

This is my Headline for today. Although I usually rely on the editorial expertise of others, I am no longer able to do this concerning the above hate-filled and violent behavior of Islamic Jihadists.

Five minutes before posting this article I turned on American Family Radio which I listen to almost exclusively for news insights early in the day. While I was about to hit the send button on my device I heard this, “And the shooters said they were there to exclusively target non-Muslim believers at the Mall for attack.” How insane are these radical Islamic Jihadists? 

Excuse me. But it is my strong opinion that if you want to carry out immature two year old type of Jihadist ignorance, I will hold to my right to denounce your claim and the right…

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