Mission Statement


To enlighten the world to the True Nature of GOD, CHRIST and HIS HOLY SPIRIT!

I want to welcome you to StampOutSatan.org!I hope your experience here with us is blessed, rewarding, and insightful.The HOLY SPIRIT, whom is Our FATHER, in Heaven, has laid it hard upon my heart to try to clear up Some of the errors we all seem to make at times about the HOLY SCRIPTURES.I am here through the Grace and Intervention of HIS Holy Spirit, whom is our only True Guide, to help dispel the myths and lies of Satan. I am not speaking for myself and at no time do I wish to exalt myself over any other.  All I want is to speak with the Voice of the Spirit andrender unto Jesus what belongs to Jesus.I am also here to try to help reassure you as believers and turn back those of you who are unbelievers to the True fact that Our Creator, (in all HIS Forms) is real and Jesus is the Flesh and Blood Son of Our FATHER…

And, that as Believers, we are most definitely under Our Heavenly FATHER’S Divine Protection.

I also believe that each and every one of us will, during these harsh and difficult times of the End, be empowered by HIS Holy Spirit to have the strength to persevere to the end and not turn away or become apostate if we read HIS Holy Scripture with Heavenly Diligence.

HE is Holy in HIS Majesty and commands us to honor and obey those protocols which HE, HIMSELF has set before us.  And HE will deal harshly with those of us whom fail to give HIM HIS Righteous Honor, Praise and Thanksgiving.  For HE gave to us HIS Most Precious Gift, the Blood of His Son, Jesus Christ, in order that we may overcome Death and be risen from the grave and be bodily Ascended into Heaven.

All He asks, is for our willful choice to Believe in HIM and follow HIS Commandments and He will shower us with HIS Love and Tender Mercy even unto Life Everlasting.

GOD has given us free will for a reason. HE wants us to willingly choose to believe in HIM and serve HIM, especially so because we cannot see HIM.

This is where Faith comes in. GOD asks us to have faith in all things.  When we have faith in GOD our FATHER, CREATOR SPIRIT and HIS SON, Jesus Christ, we will be Forgiven our prior earthly sins.  And HE will not Forsake us as long as we come to HIM in Humble Remorse if the devil, whom is the Temporary Physical Ruler of this world, causes us again, through grievous trials and hardships to stumble.

Do not believe in a false Christ whom Satan will tell you will let you go your merry way and forget your promise to follow HIM in return for Salvation.  This is one of the most confusing dramas Satan will implant into a young or faltering Christian’s mind. The devil is the master of deceit.  We are responsible for our actions the moment we are made aware of the wrongness or the rightness of that action.  HE does not hold us accountable for those things we have not been taught and therefore have no way of knowing.  This means that if you are a Believer but have had no proper instruction on how to commit yourself to Christ’s following then HE will correct you in your heart when your spirit has grown in the Knowledge of His Inner Presence.  This does not mean we can just go off and do anything we want.  Quite the contrary, for He knows that we gain the knowledge of right and wrong through Faith in His Spiritual Presence.

This means that we will ask Him to forgive us as we acknowledge those things in our lives which lead us into sin.  Therefore we must have Faith that He will Teach us and help us to overcome.  He does not want us to wallow in fear or darkness, for that is demonic and evil influence which can separate us from GOD. He wants us to recognize and accept His role as Our Heavenly FATHER whom admonishes HIS Children in order that we may learn HIS Way, which is the only Way.  And through vocal confession we will be Saved from Death which is permanent if we are not Forgiven.  David Asscherik of 3ABN Proclaim! has a wonderful sermon pertaining to the permanence and true state of the physical death of our flesh. I feel strongly that you study it.  http://www.truthaboutdeath.com/

What Must we do to be Saved?

We must Believe in:

Christ’s Death on the Cross

His Resurrection

His Human Birth in the Flesh

His Defeat of Death through Resurrection

His Bodily Ascension into Heaven

GOD’S Grace will save us.

Therefore, I will now ask you to sit back, relax, and pick up a Bible.

We are about to study GOD”S Holy Word, The Living Scriptures, the Living Voice of Our Heavenly and Our Creator, Jesus Christ.

If anyone is in doubt that Jesus Christ is The Living Voice of GOD, I refer you to this Scripture (John 1:1) NSRE

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Jesus Christ is GOD’S Word made Flesh.

Therefore, Jesus is GOD’S Living Voice, His Holy Utterance!

How precious is that?

GOD loves us so much that one day, HE decided to take a part of HIMSELF, and make it into a walking, talking, living, and breathing, human being.

Jesus became a lowly lump of flesh just like us, in order that HE, GOD may communicate with us on our own level. GOD is so far above us that even in our wildest imaginations, we could never even begin to perceive the smallest grain of HIS Divine Reality, as HE exists.  So HE gave us His Son, Jesus.

That is why I say:

“If you put GOD in a box, that’s all you’ve got.” ™


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