The Difference Between Heavenly Protocol and Men’s Traditions

Matthew Ch. 15,16,17/Saturday, August 17, 2013/1:45 PM

Jesus Teaches on Inner Purity

Ch 15:1-20

In Matthew 15:1-9 Jesus admonishes the Pharisees after questioning Him about the fact that the Apostles did not wash their hands before eating. (2) “Why do your disciples disobey our age old traditions?”

(In response Jesus clearly reprimanded those whom had questioned Him concerning these traditions.)

(3) Jesus replied, “And why do you, by your traditions, violate the direct commandments of GOD?”

Wow! That was quite a reprimand.

How often have we today violated the commandments of GOD?

What have our traditions said about our faith and loyalty to Our Saviour?

I will tell you.

And through the Grace of GOD and HIS HOLY SPIRIT, I am here, to admonish and clarify certain errors in the traditions of our churches.

It does not matter to which denomination you belong.

Each and every one of us has at least one thing by which Our Lord GOD Creator is disappointed in us. This is the purpose of the messages to the seven churches in Revelations 2&3.

These messages to the churches are not messages that are regional nor denominational.

These messages are warnings to those of us whom call ourselves Believers,  in this End Time, prior to The Christ’s 2nd Coming.

In HIS admonition, Jesus was clearly pointing out the difference between man-made traditions and The  Ten Commandments given to us through GOD’S Holy Anointed Prophet, Moses, as he led the children  of Israel from Egyptian captivity into the Promised Land. (Exodus 20:1-17)

We often confuse the Commandments of GOD and HIS Heavenly Protocols with our own selfish principles.

This is an error which, in order that we may remain and be called true Children of Our LORD, must  be corrected, and corrected now.

This is not something by which we can negotiate a settlement with Our CREATOR.

HE has said, “I am the LORD your GOD.”(Exodus 20:2)

HE owns us brothers and sisters! 

We belong to HIM!

Just as HE wishes for us to belong to HIM!

Without HIM we would not even exist!

It is only by HIS Divine Love and Mercy that we are even here, upon this planet,  in the first place!

There are those whom will claim this is a harsh and unmerciful statement.

GOD is whom HE says HE IS!

HE has said, “I AM.”

Therefore, HE IS.

We can do nothing to change HIM!

We may complain and whine or rejoice, if this is the occasion.

But we cannot tell Our CREATOR what to do.

We can ask him for assistance, but we cannot demand anything from HIM.

You cannot control the mind of GOD! (Insert Scripture Reference Here)

HE made us.

HE commands us.

And if we don’t follow HIS Commands, HIS Protocols and HIS Commandments, HE will not allow us into HIS HOLY Presence!

That is a fact!

We must get over ourselves and our puny human weaknesses and selfish desires.  We are here at HIS Sufferance! (Insert Scripture Reference Here)

Now, Jesus did not hesitate to call the Pharisees and Sadduccees:  hypocrites, liars, and snakes.  Therefore, how is it that we, today, should be any less forthcoming in our conflict with Satan?

We must learn to confront and identify the devil in all of his disguises.

We cannot allow him to continue on without reprimand.

When we turn our face from wrong we are giving consent to that wrongdoing.

When we make excuses for bad behavior or condone unholy practices in our churches, it is we whom are guilty of sin.

There is no middle ground in GOD’S Kingdom! (Revelation 3:15,16)

Tell me?  Would the Queen of England allow you into her court if you violated her protocols?

Absolutely not!

So why is it that any one of us should believe  GOD would allow such disdainful  and disrespectful  behavior?

Is that not akin to insanity?

So, why brothers and sisters, do we continue on with such foul and outmoded behavioral traditions which undermine and weaken the very foundations of Jesus The Christ’s church?

I am absolutely astonished, that not one of HIS  Holy Anointed Evangelists have addressed these

hateful and disrespecting issues within the church, without shaking the very foundations of our religion.

How is it that we can continue excusing ourselves?

We walk past beggars and shun them or just look away.

We see someone being physically or verbally abused and we do nothing?

We know about the starving,the displaced the hopeless, yet we give very little of our wealth or time to  help them.

Just who do we think we are? Get  that homeless person, a meal, a new change of clothes and a place to stay for the night.

I do not recommend you take this upon yourself alone, but you can call your spouse, a friend your pastor or another member of your church, and you should drop whatever you are doing in your own life  to do the LORD’S work.  HIS work should be paramount to our own lives.  There is no excuse to walk by suffering when it stares us in the face.

We should be ashamed of ourselves, we should question our motives for believing.

We should stop being selfish.

We need to give of ourselves until we have no more to give, just as Jesus did. (Insert Scripture)

How many times was Jesus: woken from sleep, interrupted at a meal, stopped in the street, asked for advisement, or just begged for a blessing?

Can we then, in good conscience, not step from our own comfort zones?

Who are we to insulate ourselves from hardship or irritation, interruption or our so very, very selfish human pursuits?  This world is not the world which matters, but it is that world which we can not see, which should gain our attention.


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