The Irreverant Error

I John 4:1-3 “I confess Jesus Christ is come in the Flesh.”


Written on this day of Our Lord, Jesus the Christ, the Father, and the Blessed HOLY SPIRIT, July 6, 2013.


It has come as a burden to this most humble servant of the LORD Jesus the Christ, through the influence of the HOLY SPIRIT, to speak of the necessity of inclusion into the HOLY Scriptures the words of all of Jesus Disciples.

In order that we may fully and completely understand and comprehend the full truth of the Holy Gospel.  Especially that of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, James, Paul, Peter, Timothy, Stephen, Jude, Bartholomew and Thomas Didymos (the twin). But most importantly, in particular, is the Gospel of Thomas Didymos, which was excluded and hidden from the world by the early interpretors of the Holy Gospel of Christ.

It is with some amazement that those whom condemn the Catholic Church for the early monstrosities of the reign of the Anti-Popes that the exclusion of this most intimate record of Jesus Own Words, has been so frivolously and wastefully dealt with by anointed Biblical Scholars whose knowledge and relationship with and of the HOLY SPIRIT is profound indeed.

For this is the error I have been instructed to address, in order that the final veil of mystery may forever and at once be irrevocably lifted from the eyes of all men (and women) of HOLY and IMMACULATE spiritual understanding. For it is with great sorrow indeed Our Lord and Creator does look upon us and sigh.

The purposeful disinclusion of the Gospel of Thomas, the twin, often and correctly to be identified as Jesus flesh and blood brother, through the union of holy matrimony of Mary and Joseph, after the birth of Jesus in the flesh. Whom (Jesus) by the spiritually induced pregnancy of Mary, HIS Virgin mother was accomplished forever and Immaculate was His Conception. The error by which King James in accordance with the Apostate membership within the HOLY Roman Catholic Church, should now be made apparent as a definite omission of GOD’S Holy  Truth.

This error must be corrected in order that complete understanding may come to those inside the Church of Jesus Christ and all may be revealed.

And so, it is with great urgency and grand admonition, that Our Holy Father has instructed me to inform those of His most Holy and Anointed Prophetic Teachers, that they must study and include the Teachings of Thomas Didymos with diligent study and respect.

For we belong to Him and His Word is Final, Complete and Unchangeable!

Know therefore ye Children or His Holy and Immaculate Spirit, that this Gospel is paramount and therefore precious to Our Lord, His Majesty, The Christ, Lamb of God whom takes away the sins of the earth.

Behold it’s Truth!

Blessed be His Holy Name Forever!

In the Blessed Spirit of Our LORD, the CREATOR, HIS UNBLEMISHED MAJESTY, thru the mouth of HIS most humble servant and yours.


May His Light shine upon your witness and understanding.


Sunday, ‎August ‎18, ‎2013

1:09:29 AM


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