The Throne of Satan

The Throne of Satan/Monday, September 16, 2013/3:16 PM

Sudden Thoughts

Wow! !!!!

I never Knew how hard it was going to be to fight the devil.

Well, not hard actually but, very, very irritating. Do you know what I mean?

Satan is everywhere!

I mean here I was, sometime last year, riding my bike around my neighborhood, and then riding on a city bus, telling my not totally appropriate Mecca joke, and espousing the fact that I sincerely believe that the throne of Satan resides in the church of Islam.

Then wham!!!!!!!

Three days later I was listening to the Catholic Broadcasting Network on my radio

There was this announcement that the head Ayatollah of Al-Azrah (who is now dead) had just announced a $10,000 reward for information leading to the identification of the “white American Christian woman” who said, “the throne of Satan resides in Islam”.

I just about fell over laughing.

Because, you see, just three days previous, while riding on a city bus, to Walmart of all places, I was caught up in the SPIRIT.

Since I had for several hours it seems, quite loudly expressing the fact that the Throne of Satan resided in Islam, I spotted a man. Way in the back of the bus, trying hard to act like he was not listening, was this gentleman of apparently Middle Eastern descent.

Who, living in the Panhandle of Texas, but the SPIRIT could have  perceived this man’s true nature and knew he was some type of insurgent?

I immediately had my hackles raised, because, I believe, my little birdy had told me.

Get it?

So, to make a long story short, the SPIRIT moved me to make sure I was talking LOUD ENOUGH for this particular man to hear exxactly every word that I was saying.

You know, kind of like: “This is a test of the Holy SPIRIT Emergency Broadcasting System!”.

Only, this, was a not a test.

Sho nuff!

The devil took the bait.

Just three days!

Three days for that little speech of mine to get back to the Supreme Grand Imam of the Al-Azrah? (Or whatever they call him).


It kind of reminds me of The Book of Revelations and Tribulation!

Now we all know that the devil’s network is quite extensive, in this day and age.

Don’t we?

Well, guess what?

We are not just being paranoid.

How scary, though I prefer pathetic, is that?

I happen to think that information is quite entertaining, to say the least.

Not so for some of us whom don’t yet know that Jesus the Christ is the Messiah.

And for those whom are in that category, all I can do is pray their eyes will soon be opened.

(Please give me just a moment to wipe myself off, the floor here seems a little dusty.


I must admit, I was laughing so hard, I fell down.)

On a more serious note, however, I do believe the Holy Spirit is trying to tell us something.

The gloves are off!

Now is the time for people to start opening up their eyes to the truth.

Stop acting like the devil is not whom GOD’s Holy Scriptures says he is, which is a despicably murderous, liar.

In fact, he is the worst liar and the most violent being in all of Creation.

And he does not know how to, nor does he care to play fair.

Can I hear an Amen?

Now the devil and all of his advocates will most certainly claim that I am crazy.

After all I get a check every month.

But, I want everyone in this world to know that, I am not afraid of the devil and GOD knows that, Jesus knows that,and the HOLY SPIRIT also knows.

As a matter of fact, I believe it may be the very reason why it is I whom has been chosen to deliver this most controversial and upsetting message.

It is better to be crazy, for Christ, than to dance, with the devil.

 If anybody asks, just say, “I ah tol’ ya!”

Isn’t it funny, how names and titles can say a lot about persons or organizations?

(I don’t know whom first brought that fact to my attention, but if I remember correctly, there was a song about the Ayatollah Khomeini, the old meany.)

Just look at some of the names in the Middle East alone:

  • Saddam Hussein – So damn insane
  • Yassir Arafat – Yes sir, you are fat.
  • Asama Bin Laden – I assume you been laden.
  • Menachim Begin – I knock Him and it will begin.

Seriously though, I do happen to know, that I am I have been extremely blessed.

The fact is, that somebody has to be the bad guy, and stand up to the devil, and tell him where to get his last plane ticket.

And, since no one else seems to want the job.

And I seem to be without one for the moment, I applied for the position, and I guess, I get to be the one who really gets in Satan’s face.

Or at least, one of those individuals whom have the courage to die for Jesus, the Most Blessed, the Messiah, the Christ.

If we have to that is, since nothing is done without GOD’s Permission, no matter what you believe, that is a given fact, one I feel very blessed to be aware of, although I am also most imperfect.

What most people seem to have against the method of delivery of those revelations of the Words of GOD, through the power of HIS HOLY SPIRIT which I have been given, to declare, before HIS enemies, and HIS people,  is that I don’t sound very nice.

So, just let me point out, that Jesus, the Christ was never afraid to call a hypocrite, a hypocrite.

And if you think he was being nice, to those learned Scribes and Pharisees, whom He was calling snakes and vipers, you are sadly and most erroneously mistaken.

Oh, I almost forgot for the way I had, earlier that same day, rode all over my neighborhood telling everyone I encountered, the Mecca joke I had made up from Revelations 3:13 (I will spew thee from my mouth like vomit.”), and screaming from the seat of my bicycle, “The throne of Satan resides in the Church of Islam!”

I must therefore apologize to those members of the Islamic community whom are not devotees of violence and bloodshed but also oppose those leaders whom are indeed evil.

Mainly because I also am a sinner and must repent, as we all are sinners, and I totally have misunderstood the true meaning of Revelations 3:13.

For the Christ, would not vomit foul substances from HIS mouth, as He is incapable of ingesting foul substances, but would rather spit out those whom are neither hot or cold as one would tepid water.

An action totally Involuntary

As this would be the natural reaction of Our Lord, Jesus,  to the turpidity of the souls of those whom had no flavor, nor texture, or substance.

So let us read of the Seven Churches described  in Revelations 1-3.

These describe not individual sects or structures or denominations, but individual belif systems within ourselves affecting our spirit.

I had to read the Book of Revelation seven times in one sitting to gain that kind of insight and mini mal understanding, for the SPIRIT reveals that which is necessary for HIS purposes and the purposes of Our Creator, which is the purpose of GOD in all of HIS likenesses. SON, CREATOR and SPIRIT.

There is no other. He Is as He Is and we were made by Him, for Him.

We live at HIS Sufferance.

Praise be to Our Creator. HIS Holy Spirit and HIS Son, Our Living Saviour Jesus the Christ!

Anyway, if you want to read my tasteless Mecca joke, it’s posted on my wall on Facebook which I have been locked out of for over 3 months because someone hacked my account.

Besides when somebody that rich can’t even mess with measly, little, destitute, loud-mouthed me, tell me, who do you think has the True Power of The Holy Spirit and the Protection of The Living GOD?

 And I do sincerely, apologize to those Islamic. Jewish. Christian or other types of believers whom I may have offended with my tasteless Mecca joke.



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