The Warning Against Heresy

September 10, 2013  1:05 pm

 1 Timothy12:3-11 (NSRE) (NLT) (The Complete Bible Handbook-John Bowker)

In 1 Timothy 12:3-11 Paul writes to Timothy about certain problems in the Church in Ephesus. Evidently, Paul discovered that there were those among the congregation whose doctrinal teachings went against the teachings given to us through Our Lord Jesus, the Christ.

It is very important that we steer clear of dogmatic, traditionalism in our teachings, as we may entertain heresy within our Churches, which can seem at first, an innocent misunderstanding, may lead then to great controversy.

Such controversy as that caused by division may then bring about confusion and destruction of our original purpose, to spread the Gospel of Christ among us. We then rob ourselves of the Gifts of Christ’s True Message.

When we, whom are the Body of Christ, argue among ourselves, the doctrine then becomes skewed and worthless. We show ourselves to be incompetent teachers. When we prove to be incompetent, we then start to mislead others and cause a weakening of good moral principles. We should not allow ourselves to accept synthetic doctrines in the place of Christ’s doctrine.

 If Jesus Himself did not say it in the New Testament, then we must question the validity of the teaching.

When good moral principles start to decay, we find a weakening of character. In this way, we allow immoral acts and behaviour to become accepted and we tend to ignore those behaviors.

1 Timothy 12:20 Paul gives his personal witness to Timothy and charges him with the church’s care.

It is obvious here that Paul recognized and accepted HIS previous sinful state before he met Christ and received Salvation.

Paul had previously been convinced, through ignorance of Christ’s doctrine, that his actions as a sinner were true and correct in their exposition.

Now, having come to know Jesus, he realized the sinfulness of his previous beliefs and actions and repented.

This is the way, in which we must all come to see ourselves.

We are all sinners, through ignorance of the Truth as spoken by Jesus, to His Disciples. Not only through the original sin of Adam and Eve but also due to the sinful nature of the flesh, are we become separated from GOD. In addition, we remain ignorant only if we refuse to accept that Jesus the Christ is the Living Son of GOD.

Through this knowledge of our sinful natures and acceptance of our part in that ignorance, we will be allowed to  enter into GOD’S HolyKingdom.

The only redemption for blasphemy of the Spirit is if that blasphemy is committed in ignorance, for once, we  know the Truth, and then we are responsible for that Truth.

Moreover, it is only by acknowledging that Truth, giving up our ignorance, that our sins will be forgiven, and we may become Children of GOD.

We must first learn to bow down to His Righteousness, thereby bestowing honor upon His Authority as Our Lord and Saviour, Creator and Christ.

Now when we see the actions of those who live sexually immoral lives we are to cast them out into the hands of Satan. (1 Corinthians 5:5) This does not pertain to those whom are unbelievers but to those who profess to know Christ. (1 Corinthians5:11) By casting the unrepentant believer into the hands of Satan, we are releasing them into the devil’s influence, whereby through hardship they may see and understand the evil nature of their actions and repent. (1 Corinthians 5:5)

It is up to us to cleanse those immoral believers  from among us, in order that we are not affected by their actions. (1 Corinthians 5:12,13) GOD will judge those who are outside of the church, it is our duty to pray.

So do not look the other way upon those who claim to be believers but insist that GOD forgives their immorality but stand firm in His convictions. We must be strong, steadfast, and never wavering in this teaching.

We may be called cruel, prejudiced and unloving, intolerant of others, but this is not so, for those whom know GOD”S Word yet refuse to hear and act upon that Word, tend to mislead and confuse. We must deal harshly with them in order that they may not truly blaspheme GOD’S most Holy Spirit, violating HIS Heavenly Protocol and becoming cast forever from HIS Presence.

Each one of us whom have come forth to claim Christ’s mercy and love must watch and know ourselves. It is when we become complacent, that we err.

Complacency allows us to lower sentry on our surroundings, making it easy for the enemy to infiltrate our holdings.

Jesus Himself said, “Therefore I say, if the owner of the house knows that the thief is coming, he will begin his vigil before he comes and will not let him dig through into his house of his domain to carry away his goods. You, then, be on your guard against the world. Arm yourselves with great strength lest the robbers find a way to come to you, for the difficulty which you expect will (surely) materialize.” (Gospel of Thomas 21) “Let there be a man of understanding among you.”

It is due to lack of vigilance these modern day troubles have befallen us. We ourselves are to blame for prayer  taken from our schools, for the name of GOD  challenged among us. We are a country whose ancestors believed in GOD and our country founded on the premise of GOD’s Existence. How therefore have we stood idle while those whom hate GOD and do not believe remove HIS Name from among us.

We must reclaim our country from the unbelievers and the children of Satan who wish to destroy us. 



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