Where Are We And Where Are We Going

Wow! That is a whole lot of gum to chew.

It is like stuffing your mouth full of double bubble or gob stoppers from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

It is okay to laugh!

The question is where do I start?

Well let me start first by telling you: ”I love the LORD with all my heart, all my soul and all my mind.”

It has taken me a very, very, very long time to be cleansed of the sins of this world which sneak up on you so fast and so silently, that before you know it, you’re under Satan’s gun.

That’s when you find yourself alone.

There will most probably be an awful lot of people (and I mean a lot) whom will not like me, nor will they like what I have to say.

Many will swear, ”This woman is crazy, deranged, spaced out, under the influence of drugs, an advocate of Satan, severely if not totally, mentally deranged, and psychologically damaged.”

That is okay.

I cannot say I have not been most or all of those things at one time or the other or close enough to being those things that I could never hope to deny that at one time in my life I was and did do those very things.

But regardless of what anyone on this planet can say:

I have never been a thief.

I have never been a liar.

I have never purposefully tried to hurt or take advantage of any other human being either for my own or any other’s purposes.

I have always stood firmly and actively against violence.

I go out of my way to help or protect any others whom need protection or help in any way.

I will give someone the shirt off my back, the shoes off my feet or the food from my mouth if they need it more than I do.

I will always try to be polite and if not always diplomatic, I will not bend to the will of Satan at any time nor for any reason.

I would die for my LORD and HIS Principles, for he died for me and I am not selfish, nor self-centered enough to believe HE owes me anything.

If I am rude or wrong I will not hesitate to apologize publicly but if it involves the protocol of Heaven, I will not change clothes to avoid conflict.

This is who I am and I believe it is what Jesus wants from me.

So just like me, my friends, we can grin and bear it, or cry and share it.

Just do it for the LORD, we belong to HIM after all.

HE made us.

We did not make HIM. And HE is real and viable.

This is not some made up story to entertain or distract.

It is a fact.

It is an absolute fact.

Scientific, absolute in it’s Truth, and completely unchangeable.

Immutable, forever, unending.

So let it be and love one another as HE loves us.

Now, even though I am emotionally impaired and physically disabled as far as our government is concerned, since I get a check every month.

I am cognitive, aware, and intelligent.

Very well spoken and well-educated.

Call me names if you want to, but do not blaspheme my inner spirit.

For when you blaspheme a vessel of the HOLY SPIRIT you blaspheme GOD and all HIS KINGDOM.

Life will save you and death will cheat you.

If you die in ignorance and misunderstanding, you will be lost.

The sleep of the upright is everlasting, beautiful, and never ending.

Do not hear this voice, but hear the voice of the Spirit.

It is HE whom speaks thru me, not I whom speak for HIM.

This I have been assured, that there will be many whom are against my message, and those I name anti-christ.

Christ has anointed me by shedding the blood of HIS FLESH in agony upon the Cross of Calgary, in order, that we of this planet, may gain Eternal Life and gain it abundantly.

Do not pursue the Life of the flesh but Life as a future citizen of Heaven.

This is my answer to my question: “ Where are we?”

“We are under the dominion of Our Lord the Anointed Christ appointed to pursue the Truth as He has given. And we have been charged with knowing the Truth within ourselves in all instances, so there can remain within us no kinds of darkness but only light.”

“Where are we going?”

“We go where we will as HE will not force us, but will only lead us if we will follow.”

Peace to all whom hear the voice of HIS HOLY Spirit, and follow HIS commandments, learn HIS protocols and do as HE commands us. Amen.

Love GOD above all things and HE, will love you.

Every single living human being upon this planet is under the aegis of the abusive, repressive, oppressive, and violent nature of Satan and his minions.

We must learn to forgive others, as we have been forgiven, in order that, we too may be forgiven by Our Creator.

Therefore loving and being loved, healing ourselves with the love of Our Saviour  above all others.

For we have all fallen short of HIS Glory and must as HIS Creation, follow HIS instructions, first and foremost, so that we may live forever with HIM and be eternally forgiven.

I know many people who are reading this will be enlightened.

Those whom know the Spirit hears the Voice of the Spirit.

The others will resist.

They do this out of fear, ignorance, or hatred.

If they belong to the spirit of anti-christ.

An upright man is not scandalized by the Truth, nor offended by directness, but shows willingness to accept full responsibility for their actions by diligence of study.

Words and actions mean nothing without the knowledge of self and our motivations.

I will not be frightened of Satan’s evil influence.

I am only afraid of ignorance.

I am afraid of complacency and the fragility of fear.

I am afraid of being called coward.

Most of all, I am offended and afraid of those whom call themselves Christian, yet will not extend the hand of Jesus, nor braid the whip, to drive the money changers from the Temple.

But they will instead turn their eyes from righteousness.

Turning away with either apathy or fear of insult to the very devil Jesus Himself has warned us about.

So no, I will not apologize if you feel I am politically incorrect.

I say to Hell with man and man’s politics.

Stop feeding the devil, and he will starve to death.

It is time to put our foot down.

Jesus did.

As far as I know, Jesus did lose HIS temper.

One time.

And HE was not afraid, HE did not back down.

When necessary to call a hypocrite a hypocrite, or a viper a viper, HE did so.

And HE did so at once.

So do not tell this Believer that Jesus would not do that.


You will see that if HIS Knowledge cannot heal us, it will kill us.

Soft spoken is not consenting, nor is it unfeeling, dead, consenting toward the commission of wrong.

Do not tell this Believer that she is the child of an enabling Saviour.

This Believer will tell you she is not!

Save your lies for the devil and don the Full Armour of Truth, the Words of Our Creator.


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